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I have imported a total of two 1963 GAZ 21 Volgas from Estonia to Melbourne Australia.
The first was grey in color, the current one is black.
I sold the grey Volga to a Russian car enthusiast near Melbourne in September 2010.

Black Volga History Black Volga A few months after importing the grey Volga in 2009, I was itching to really get a black one. One finally came onto the Estonian online car market late 2009 and after exchanging photos and email with the seller in Estonia, I decided to personally go to Estonia in January 2010 to inspect the ground up restoration of this vehicle in the university town of Tartu.

It was in cherry condition, but unfortunately, I could not drive it on the streets as in was not registered and did not have snow tires as there was lots of snow outside at that time of the year. The interior and engine bay are as close as practical to original factory specifications. It appears to be an almost brand new car inside and out.

I decided to purchase it on the spot and have my good cousin Guido once again arrange the shipping to Australia in its own 20 foot container. It took about 7 weeks from Tallinn to Melbourne with a number of stops in between and a change of ship in Antwerpen Belgium. It left Tallinn on the Spica ship and arrived in Melbourne on the Maersk Dampier

The car was eventually registered at Oakleigh, Melbourne Australia 18 May 2010. As the Volga is over 30 years old, Australian Government requirements, do not require the car to be converted to right hand drive. I have retained the original left hand drive configuration.

Even though the car appeared to be totally rebuilt, a number of issues occurred within weeks of its arrival and registration, including the requirement for a new clutch assembly and brake issues.

Moderate work I have done since its registration include: Full interior carpeting, new muffler, clock converted to quartz mechanism, white wall tires, drive shaft replacement and balancing, repainting the steering wheel and re-chrome back bumper pieces.

The car always attracts a high degree of attention, particularly from Russian and Eastern Europeans, who are simply astounded to see one in Australia.

Yes, the CCCP-1 number plates are street legal and the only ones that I drive on the road with.

The car has clocked up over 5,000 km in its first year in Australia.
Grey Volga History Grey Volga The grey 1963 GAZ 21 Volga was delivered new in 1963 for 5,300 Rubles in the Estonia SSR (part of the former Soviet Union)

The owner who had it around the mid 1990's passed away around 1997. The car was passed onto his son who painted over the original grey color with bright green paint. Apparently the car was not very well cared for during this time.

Around 2004, it was sold to a Volga enthusiast in Rakerve, Estonia who besides doing other work on it, repainted the car back to a grey/green color.

This Volga had a part in an Estonian made film in 2007 call "Georg". Information about the film can be see here.
In the movie's promotional trailer (.mov 9MB), you will see it briefly, as the second car, about 3/4 of the way through.

The car was advertised on around July 2009, where I found it. In August 2009, with the help of my cousin Guido in Tallinn, I purchased the car and arranged to have it shipped from Tallinn, Estonia (Dep 31 Aug 2009) to Melbourne Australia (Arr. 3 Nov 2009) in its own 20 foot container.

The journey took approximately 9 weeks on the MSC Venezuela via Antwerp Netherlands, France, Valencia Spain, Port Said Egypt, Suez Canal, Port Louis Mauritius, Sydney and eventually to Melbourne.

It was in a customs and quarantine bond store in West Melbourne for almost a week before being released.

For getting it prepared for a roadworthy and registered, it needed to have the following work done in Melbourne using local, generic (non-Volga specific) parts.
  • Exhaust system from manifold downstream replaced
  • Electrical work to correct headlights, brake lights and indicators
  • Oil drips on sump and rocker cover fixed with new gaskets
  • new brake shoes
  • tie rod end bushes replaced
  • new front wheel bearings
  • new radiator (specially made)
  • new pedal pads
  • install windscreen washer bottle
It was finally registered at Frankston, (near Melbourne) Victoria Australia 8 Dec 2009.