Body4 door sedan, all metal integral construction
Chassisshort chassis in front only
Seating5, w/layback front seat to make bed
Curb weightTotal1,460 kg
front axle750 kg
rear axle710 kg
Gross weightTotal1,885 kg
front axle905 kg
rear axle980 kg
Payload [carrying capacity] weight,50 kg w/ 5 persons;
Length4,770 mm
Width1,800 mm
Height1620 mm
Wheelbase2,700 mm
Track widthfront1,410 mm
rear1,420 mm
Minimal ground clearanceunder front axle200 mm
under rear axle190 mm
Minimal radius of turn,b/n curbs (outer front wheel)6.3 metres
b/n walls (extreme exterior dimension6.8 metres
Maximum speed130 km/h
Fuel consumption, liters/100km9.0 (@ 40-50 km/h), Highway 11.0 (@ 80-85 km/h)

Type4 cylinder, 4-stroke, inline, overhead valve
Materiallight alloy block and head
CrankshaftMagnesium cast iron, journal surfaces hardened bi-metal, 5 bearing
Cylinders"wet" cast iron liners w/ cast iron sleeves
Pistonsaluminium alloy, tinned
Piston rings2 chromium plated compression, 1 tinned oil
ValvesOverhead, installed vertically, inlet valve disk 44 mm diam, exhaust valve disk 36 mm diam
Firing order1-2-4-3
Maximum horsepower85.0 hp @ 4000 rpm
Maximum torque17.0 N/m @ 2200 rpm
Displacement2,445 cc
Compression ratio6.6:1
Bore/Stroke92.0 mm x 92.0 mm
Compression ratio6.6:1
Piston speed @ max bhp1.02 metres/sec
Oil filterFirst stage: laminated full flow strainer, Second stage: cartridge
Crankcase ventilationforced type
CarburetorK-124 vertical downdraft, with accelerator pump and and economiser
Fuel PumpMechanical diaphragm type with inverted glass sediment bowl & screen filter, hand primer lever underneath
Water pumpCentrifugal face with self adjusting gland

Driver's stomach1 litre of Russian Standard vodka per 24 hours
Fuel tank60 litres, 91 octane (RON), 76 octane native
Engine cooling system11.5 litres (water or anti-freeze)
Engine lubrication system5.6 litres [in summer-industrial oil 50 (SU) or ASp-5 and AKp-5 oil
Gearbox housing0.8 litres (transmission oil)
Axle housing0.9 litres (hypoid gear oil)
Steering box0.25 litres (transmission oil)
Shock absorberseach front 0.14; each rear 0.23 (spindle oil AU) [0.24 each front and 0.15 each rear for lever-type shock absorbers]
Brake line0.7 litres (braking fluid)
Air filter0.25 litres (engine oil)
Gearbox3 speed, steering column gearshift, regular "H" pattern, synchro on 2nd & 3rd
Gearbox ratios3.115 / 1.772 / 1.000 / R-3.740
Final drive ratio4.55 (41 and 9 teeth)
Clutchdry 254 mm single plate, hydraulically operated
Differentialhypoid bevel type
Axle shaftsflange type, semi floating
Drive shaftstwo with central bearings and 3 needle bearing-type universal joints

Running Gear
Wheelsnumber4 + 1
tire size6,70-15
tire pressure1.7 bar front & rear
Suspensionfrontindependent, spring suspension w/ wishbone arms; hydraulic telescopic double-acting shock absorbers
rearon longitudinal semi-elliptic springs; hydraulic telescopic double-acting shock absorbers

placementleft hand drive
gearhour glass worm cone worm and 2-ridge ball bearing double roller
lock to lock4 steering wheel turns

FootHydraulic feed drum brakes to all wheels
Drum dimensions280 mm diam x 50 mm wide
Friction areas1,130 cm2 lining area working on 1,780 cm2 of rubbed area on drums
Parking (hand) drum brake on tail of gearbox

Rated Voltage12 volts
Wiringsingle wire type, positive ground
Regulator3 units: circuit breaker, voltage regulator, current limiting regulator
Ignition Timing ControlCentrifugal & vacuum
Accumulator battery 6STE'54E'M
Generatorshunt wound G12B; 12 amps; 225 watts
Starter motorST20-B; 1.7 hp.
Spark plugsA14U 14 mm
Fuses3 melting fuses in one block, buton type fuse for lighting
Instrument clusterammeter, fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, speedometer w/odometer
Warning lightshigh beam, water temperature, hand brake
Clockoriginal: wound electrical, current: converted to modern full quartz movement
Radio2 band w/5 push button

Music Played Whilst Driving
  • Red Army Choir
  • Radio Moscow (Wireless Internet through iPhone) - Yes live!
  • Misha Shufutinsky
  • Moscow Nights
  • Katyusha
  • Kalinka
  • VulgarGrad